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Pine Needle and Mulch Installation

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Adding plant life to your landscape is an effective way to enhance your exterior aesthetic. Once installed, this plant life must be properly maintained. Laying down mulch and pine needle/pine straw can aid in this maintenance process in multiple ways while contributing to your landscape’s overall appearance. At D & L Landscape Pros, pine needle and mulch installation are included in our landscaping service offerings.

What’s the Point of Pine Needle/Mulch Installation?

Applying mulch and pine straw to your flower beds offers tangible benefits to your plants and to your landscape as a whole. Mulch acts as a protective layer that shields the soil from harm while enhancing its vitality. More specifically, mulch keeps soil from eroding due to the forces of rain and wind. Additionally, the combination of mulch and pine straw insulates the soil from temperature fluctuations and frost, which in many regions are common in the winter and early spring. This insulating factor also prevents excessive soil evaporation during hot, dry spells. By retaining its moisture, the soil can properly provide the plants with the water they need to thrive.

In short, pine needle and mulch installation helps keep your soil and plant life intact, healthy, and vibrant. Certain types of mulch can also aid in pest control, though it’s worth noting that many types of mulch attract various pests as well. This is why D & L Landscape Pros takes the time to understand each landscape’s unique ecosystem before deciding which type of mulch to install.

How Often Should Mulch and Pine Needle be Replaced?

Over time, all types of ground cover break down and lose their effectiveness, including mulch and pine straw. These coverings should be replaced at least once a year (certain types of pine straw might require replenishment twice a year) to maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape. At D & L Landscape Pros, our landscaping professionals won’t just install the initial covering of mulch and pine needles — we’ll also establish an optimal maintenance schedule to inspect and replenish your ground coverings as needed.


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