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Trees and shrubs are key aspects of all landscapes. They might offer privacy, screen unwanted views, add fragrance, act as a noise reducer, or provide a natural habitat for birds. Trees provide shade which offers energy efficiency and enhances spaces. D & L Landscaping Pros goes to great lengths in the selection of our client’s plants and trees. Choosing the correct plant or tree guarantees the proper shape, texture, form, and color in the landscape. Furthermore, the correct plant varietal selection ensures proper scale, seasonal blooming cycle, and hardiness. 

We handpick our plants and trees from select nurseries around the South, allowing us to provide a separate level of quality within our plant stock. Proper planting techniques and correct spacing are key elements in developing healthy, easy-to-maintain landscapes. All our plantings will have the proper backfill, are guaranteed to be true to variety, and are guaranteed to be disease-free. We have a vast network of nurseries at our disposal, allowing specialty items and mature specimen trees and shrubs to be installed.

Evergreen trees and shrubs offer a relatively constant year-round look, often with some foliage and flowering features. Deciduous plants drop their leaves seasonally and offer different aspects like rich fall foliage color and their winter form. Trees and shrubs are available as container stock (potted plantings) and as field stock. Field stock is typically more developed and offers a larger product with a more developed root mass. With our wide variety of nurseries at our disposal, we will find the perfect plant for your setting. When we need larger specimen trees or shrubs we invite our clients to join us and travel into the fields at the nurseries when selecting their plants. We look forward to hand-selecting the finest quality for our clients.


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